Game-A-Thon is ON!!Total $150 during this Game-A-Thon, get a $10 Rebate!

Image of Game-A-Thon is ON!!Total $150 during this Game-A-Thon, get a $10 Rebate!


Game-A-Thon On!

That’s right, the promised Game-A-Thon is on right here, right now. We’re going to be offering up several steaming platefuls of gaming goodness over the next several days, so I hope you are all well rested! All the deals are right here:

That’s easy to remember, is it not? Ok, maybe not. That’s what bookmarks are for. If I see that Google is slow to “Publish” some of the pages, I’ll also list them on the front page of the blog.

Anything new this time around?

Yes. We are bringing back the prizes for winners of this ‘Thon. The top prize winner will be announced and will definitely be a prize worth winning. Of course, as usual, we don’t ask you to pay for shipping of your “free” item (how tacky!) Second and third place will also receive prizes. Win, place and show…  

Also, some items will drop in price until sold. Keep your eyes open! How low can it go? How long can you wait before it gets snatched by someone else? Oh, the agony.

What about the $10 cash-back if I hit $150? Does that still apply?

Are there any super-secret special coupon codes?


Are you going to tell us what they are?

If I did, they would not be a secret, would they? Oh all right, the coupon code “game5” will save you $5.00 bucks on combined shipping. Remember, you can only use this coupon for your second and subsequent purchases. Your first purchase is ineligible. 

Are you going to honor requests made at the blog?

I will try, as long as they don’t feel too unsavory.   

 The Game-A-Thon Blog Entry!